Korgan 360

Real Name
Trevor Phillips
Date of Birth
28 November 1978
Caucasian, tall. Hair brown and balding. Eyes green. Former military pilot. Usually seen in the northern Algonquin or Bohan area, with travels to Alderny State and Dukes/Broker not uncommon.
16 Oct 1982: Assault
25 May 1992: Weapons trafficking, General misconduct; Dishonorably discharged from U.S. Air Force; 2 years in Alderny State
18 Feb 2002: Assault, Grand Theft Auto
2 June 2002: Grand Theft Auto, Evading arrest; arrested with 30 days at Algonquin Jail
16 Aug 2004: Grand Theft Auto, Assault on an Officer, Evading arrest, Felony robbery (Liberty Bank), Illegal and Unlawful possession of a firearm; sentenced 4 years at Alderny State

Other Info
Highly intelligent, believed to run crack/cocaine and weapon deals in Algonquin and Bohan. Experienced pilot with insides at Francis International Airport. Believed to have connections in Vice City and San Andreas. Associated with Michael Trent. May be armed.